BFG Meet 2019

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BFG Meet 2019

Post by cervantis_storm » Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:30 pm

So, personally i had allot of fun last may during our annual meet, and was thinking about the logistics of what it took to get us all out there between everyone's lives, work, child care, or whatever other obstacles need to be accommodated for to get max participation from all members.

So, i'm starting the post so we can help make everyone aware that this is something we do and so they can have from now until next cinco de mayo weekend to plan for (May 5th, 2019). So i personally am not sure if i will make it depending on whether im deployed or not, because my schedule is never set in stone, but i still want to see as many participants as possible so we can plan for; parking accomodations, meals, the size to the rental house possibly mansion, bedrooms, kegs or x40 30 packs. Possibly somesort of BFG Meetup go fund me that goes 100% to the meetup.

So, its never to early to start planning.
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Re: BFG Meet 2019

Post by somethingis_inmybutt » Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:24 am

Do we have a definite date?

A few tips on booking flights, for those flying in.

1) Use a VPN. When searching for a server, don't use one near the destination or the send point.

2) Use incognito (or better yet) tor for booking. If you're using tor, there's no need for a VPN

3) 2 mos - 2 weeks out are the optimal booking times. 5 weeks is known to be the cheapest time to book.. Holiday (cinco de mayo) may be different.

4)Booking separate tickets can be cheaper than booking it all on one ticket - especially if you can use discount airlines. Caution: if your initial flights are delayed, your next flights are not protected - it will be considered missed - so do not book tight connections on separate tickets.

5) Is a lifesaver, google flights works too.

Hope this helps all of you flying in this year!

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